Classes & Workshops
Elisabeta Stanculescu

“I have been working with Elisabeta for 10 years. The rigorous work has helped me to gain more body awareness, flexibility and strength.  I like the integration of different training approaches such as Pilates, endurance, strength training etc.”
Cris, Berlin

“My dear friend and gyrotonic teacher Lia Kemendi introduced me to Elisabeta. She is a gift in different senses. Professionally speaking, her deep knowledge of the human body and its functions are very helpful to make us to understand every single movement we make, to become more and more conscious about our body connections. She has a particular way of conducting a class, which is beyond than great, is impeccable. It’s such a pleasure to elongate with Elisabeta. I can say I’m a privileged person.”
Cristina, Berlin

“Amazing experience to work with Elisabeta! She made a real difference in my life!”
           Suzanne, Düsseldorf

“Classes with Elisabeta are healthy, very professional and interesting! Thanks a lot- it helps me so much and have been extremely valuable for my body since two years!” 
Anne, Hillscheid

“It is always a pleasure to workout with Elisabeta, I feel a lot better in my body now. Lengthening, strengthening and body awareness through a perfect mix of pilates exercises and more experimental techniques.”
Kathrin, Düsseldorf 

“The body work with Elisabeta has straightened up my posture, significantly improved mobility, increased my attention and strengthened body and soul as a whole. The exercises are just good and very professional. Her joy at work is transmitted and she responds very precisely to the individual, corrects and supports, it is simply fun, and I am very grateful.”
Gabrielle, Düsseldorf

“As a layman, I appreciate to learn from a professional dancer like Elisabeta. She gives us impressions into our body architecture. Elisabeta explains the basics, which are important for our understanding of the body, in order to perform exercises  (for example Pilates, Yoga, ballet and so on) correctly. Basics are important for a proper training to improve one's body and our movements. Your workshop gave me another perspective on body awareness, which helps me to strengthen my body in a different way. Thank you for that Elisabeta.”
Heidrun, Düsseldorf