Three Months Sustainable Fit Program: 300 euros a month 
Weekly: Including 2 Private Sessions, and 2 optional online group classes (4 hours total) 
              1 hour strength endurance + 1 hour aerobic endurance 
Three Months Strength Fit Program: 400 euros a month    
Weekly: Including 3 Private Sessions, and 2 optional online group classes, (5 hours total)
              2 hours strenght endurance + 1 hour aerobic endurance 

10 x Sustainable Private Sessions: 600 euros 
Weekly: 1 x 60 min

10 x Strong and Fit Private Sessions: 450 euros
Weekly: 2 x 60 min

First Assessment Session: 45 euros, 60 min, or Free when choosing a program or a 10 class card

Pilates Reformer/Cadillac Equipment
Body organisation, building muscular and joint strength, flexibility and endurance, with the supporting resistance of the Reformer/Cadillac Apparatus. Körperorganisation, Aufbau von Muskel- und Gelendkkraft, Flexibilitäat und Ausdauerm Stäarkung des physischen Widerstandes mit einsatz der Refomer/Cadillac-Machine.

Gyrotonic® Pulley Tower
A system in which the body moves 3-dimensionally, with flowing choreography; Helping to strengthen and organise the joints, taking are to connect the fascia and muscles to the skeletal structure, using the Pulley Tower Apparatus.. Ein System, in dev such der Körper 3-dimensional bewegt, mit einer schönen Choreographie; Hilfe zur Stärkung und Organisation der Gelenke, wobei darauf geachtet wird, die Faszie und Muskeln an die Skelettstruktur anzubinden, under Verwendung der Pulley Tower-Machine.

Aerobic Trining 
We keep the heart rate between an aerobic range. There is a warm up to reach this and a cool down ending with stretching. We use a Schwinn fitness indoor bike, with fitness exercises in between not dropping the heart rate.

Group Classes Online: Inflow strength exercises from pilates, gyrotonic, fitness and dance. 


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